The Winford School Group

The Winford School Group

Winford Bilingual Schools are proud to be part of the Winford School Group, offering private education in many cities around The Netherlands.


The Winford School Group has been active in small-scale education for almost 50 years, with 'the power of attention' as the common thread through all our education. Attention to 'feeling good in your own skin' is just as important as good learning outcomes. We offer tailor-made solutions, focused on the individual needs of the student. Small classes with a lot of interaction and involved teachers form the basis of our education. We are currently in 9 cities around the Netherlands. 

Winford Dutch Schools:
We offer small classes with an average of eight students. There is plenty of room for direct interaction with each student, and the lesson content is tailored to the individual skills where possible. We teach students “how to learn", teach them confidence to work independently, and offer homework guidance skills. The results are highly effective lessons, a great student experience, and very personal education.

Committed and ambitious teachers create an open and warm atmosphere at our schools. The
direct and intensive contact with students is also a huge incentive for our teachers. We like to take the time for our students to practice new knowledge, for extra explanation or to check whether the student has really understood the subject matter correctly. But there is also a listening ear for the social-emotional side. Clear rules ensure a safe environment, with mutual respect, creating a warm atmosphere at school.

For Winford Bilingual Schools:
We offer multi-aged classrooms of around 20 students, with 2 teachers per classroom. Each classroom has a fully qualified English and Dutch speaking teacher. Each teacher speaks their native language to our students, and all subjects are taught in both languages. We believe that children learn best when they are given opportunities for success through interaction with their peers and the adults around them. We strive to promote a sense of community through mixed-age groups in each classroom, as well as giving children the chance to learn from each other

In 2023, Winford College became part of AcadeMedia, Northern Europe's largest educational organization. AcadeMedia has over 700 nurseries and schools under its care, with about 200,000 children and students in Sweden, Norway, Germany and now the Netherlands.


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