Sickness Policy

Sickness Policy

At Winford Bilingual Primary School, we are looking out for the best interest and health of your child. If he or she has had any of the following illnesses or symptoms, please let their teachers know as soon as possible.

General Illnesses

Please keep your child at home if any of the following illnesses/symptoms occur:

• Fever (38°c. or higher)

• Diarrhoea

• Vomiting

• Contagious childhood illnesses (chickenpox, rubella, 5th disease, etc.)

If your child has a fever or is vomiting at school, they will be sent home right away. In the case of diarrhoea, children who have it 2 or more times will be sent home. If your child is sent home during the school day due to a contagious illness, they may not return to school the next day. Children may only return to school if they have been completely symptom-free for 24 hours.


Please keep your child at home and see a doctor if your child has the following symptoms:

• Redness in the white of the eye or inner eyelid

• Increased amount of tears

• Thick yellow discharge that crusts over the eyelashes, especially after sleep

• Green or white discharge from the eye

• Itchy eyes This may be a form of conjunctivitis. It is highly contagious and can spread quickly among children. Your child will need to see the doctor for a special eye medicine that must be given for at least 24 hours before the child can return to school. If no medicine is administered, the child cannot return to school until he or she is completely symptom-free for 24 hours. Again, if your child is experiencing any of these symptoms at school, they will be sent home for the health of other children.


Please check your child’s hair frequently for lice. If your child has any trace of lice, including adults and/or eggs (also called nits), they cannot return to school until their hair has been treated with a special cream and combed through with a louse (small metal tooth) comb. If your child has lice and you want further information on how best to treat it, please refer to the following document: