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If you a Dutch or international family moving to The Netherlands, or a Dutch or expat family already living here, our fully immersive Dutch/English bilingual programme is the perfect combination. Our school is for children that wish to continue learning Dutch and English, or for children who need to start learning English and Dutch. We are often referred to as “the perfect soft landing” or “the best of both worlds”.

We are the only Primary School in The Netherlands to teach equally (50/50) in both languages. Children aged 4 to 12 years will receive all lessons in both languages in a small class environment. Each classroom has two native speaking teachers, one Dutch and one English. We always teach to each child's ability, giving personalised attention to every student.

When we say ‘bilingual education’ we mean that children will have all of their lessons in both Dutch and English. Throughout the school day, the children will be completely immersed in both languages, and learn to switch easily between Dutch and English with their teachers and their friends. We call this approach ‘dual immersion’. The aim of our dual immersion education is to teach children to be fluent in two languages, rather than simply competent.

All children will follow our unique mixed curricula which consists of the Dutch National Curriculum, the UK National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum. All children participate in the national Dutch CITO tests. Our high level of Dutch/English language instruction, mixed curricula and CITO testing, ensures a smoother transition to your choice of English or Dutch speaking Secondary Schools.

Included in our programme is a fresh morning snack and warm vegetarian lunches that are cooked at the school. Children eat lunch in our communal lunchroom.

The school is open all year round except for two weeks winter holiday in December, four weeks summer holiday in August, and the national public holidays. Families have 40 flexible holiday days to take when they wish throughout the school year.

New students are welcome anytime in the school year.

Winford Bilingual is a private fee-paying Dutch B3 school offering bilingual education.


More information on how to apply at Winford Bilingual

Step 1: Intake and Admission

To formally apply for a place at Winford Bilingual Primary School we need you to:

Request an application form (email: and return it with all the necessary supporting documentation including school reports and the latest CITO test results (if applicable).
Please return the application form as a Word document or a PDF.
Once we have received your application, we will send you an invoice for the application fee of €550. This fee is non refundable. We will only process your application after this fee has been paid.

Step 2: Provisional Confirmation

After processing your application, we will send you a Provisional Offer (via email). This offer confirms that we have place available for your child.

You have 2 weeks (10 business days) from the date of the Provisional Offer to accept or decline via email. If we have not heard from you after 10 business days the offer is automatically withdrawn, and you will need to contact us to restart the admissions process.

Step 3: Acceptance

Once you accept the Provisional Offer via email, you will receive a one-time, non-refundable enrolment fee of €1000* (per child). This payment must be received within 3 weeks of your acceptance. If payment is not received by the stated deadline, the Provisional Offer is automatically withdrawn, and you will need to contact us to restart the admissions process.

Once the enrolment fee has been paid, your child will be added to his/her classroom’s list, ensuring their spot within the classroom. You will then receive a formal confirmation of Enrolment.

*Please note: the enrolment fee is non refundable, even if you decide not to start with us, if you wish to defer the enrolment date, or when you leave the school. This fee is not deducted from the tuition fee.

Step 4: Assessment

The moment your child starts at our school we will start the assessment procedure. Our school instructional coach together with the classroom teachers, will observe your child in order to assess the educational needs of your child and to make a personal development plan. If necessary, a formal plan will be presented to you and discussed with you after the assessment. In the case of extra support or testing, we will meet with you and discuss the cost of further evaluations and or support.

Please note that if your child comes to us from another school where they already receive special support you must let us know this in advance so that we can best support your child when they begin with us. In cases of 1-1 support from a former school we will ask for a short meet/greet with the classroom teachers and director to assess the best classroom fit for your child.

Please be aware that if any information about your child's needs is left out during the Admissions process, we reserve the right to reassess continued enrolment at our school.