Secondary School Choices

Secondary School Choices



What choices do we have after Winford Bilingual?

Secondary School Choices

Children who join Winford Bilingual from the age of 4 or 5 will be able to choose:

- Dutch secondary school options. Group 8 students will be part of the same process as children in all other Dutch primary schools.

- any International School or schools that teach in English.

In group 5 we ask parents and students to start thinking about which secondary school direction they would like to pursue. In group 6, in discussion with the teachers, the family makes a decision for Dutch or International/English secondary education. In group 7 and 8, children who will go into Dutch education will receive 65% of lessons in Dutch and 35% in English. Children that wish to go into English education will continue to receive 50% Dutch and 50% English education.

If your child joins us later than age 5, we will assess your child in group 6 and give you advice as to whether we think Dutch or English education would be most suitable.

We are proud to announce that from our last graduating class, all children got into their top school choice.


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